My Nigerian Travel Experiences by Peter Bonting – May 2nd to May 9th, 2017

My excitement and anticipation for this trip was quite high, even though I have been lucky to have visited many countries in the world.  Seeing the Rhenium International School with my own eyes was of course the ultimate goal, although visiting one of the fastest growing countries in the world was also intriguing, especially since it has one of the most populated cities in the world (Lagos) with 21 million people. Benin City, where our school is located, ‘only’ has a population of 1.5 million people. Although Nigeria is actually the richest African country due to its oil reserves, most of the population is relatively poor, especially when comparing it to the German population. Obviously, this was a lot more visible due to me traveling and experiencing the country a bit more like a local than a tourist. This was not always easy, but personally I’m happy to have experienced Nigeria in this manner! The country is full of very friendly people, and seeing how our work in Germany helps them in Nigeria was great!


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